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Just like every other profession and trade, concrete coating contractors need to leverage SEO now more than ever. When your audience searches for concrete contractors near them, will your page rank high enough to be found? Our advanced concrete contractors’ internet marketing solutions and SEO stratagies will get you there.

FCM's Advanced SEO Solutions & AI Technology

We use several SEO tools internally to analyze our campaigns to see how well they are doing. We understand our clients only care about results, but for those who like to learn how we acheive our results we like to provide full transparency into our SEO innovations explain how we use our AI and machine learning to get deeper insights into your campaign in order to provide our clients best results, maxinum performance and more web traffic. Both our clients, frachise partners and their clients have access to view these analytics via our Floor Coating AI Dashboard.

Our job is to ensure all the criteria is met month after month and we do it better than the others! Search engines will scan your blog content, page visitation, and other algorithms to establish a hierarchy. Here are some SEO strategies and tasks that concrete coating contractors should consider.

FCM’s Advanced Search Engine Optimization solutions helps websites rank higher in search engines to drive more web traffic to your concrete coating business so you can cet more Contract. Google will decide what page to rank higher against your competitors using robots and certain criteria from your website.

Blog Content

Content is one of the simplest and most common ways to optimize your page on Google and any other search engine. More people who need the information will visit your page when you provide helpful content to your audience. And frequent page visitation shows Google that you are helping its users.

Also, you have to be sure your content is valuable; there has to be more positive action on your page. The bog should have about 750 words and above. And the addition of extra content like images, titles, and videos. Users will find it easier to stay and read the content. The more time the users spend on your page, the better it is. More engagement shows that real people are checking out your page.

Then, ensure the content is unique. Using duplicate content will make Google flag your page as only one page with the same type of content can rank high. Incorporating these tips in your blog will help your SEO ranking.

Keywords Optimization

Many have hacked into using blog content to make their page rank. So, for Google to choose about ten out of thousands of web pages to rank on the first search result page, it will take more than posting helpful blog content.

The blog has to relate to the users’ search intent. Using keywords in the blog will determine how relatable it is to the user’s search. There are different types of keywords, and they are sorted according to their order of importance to the search words.

Primary Keywords. This is the main keyword for the blog or page.

Secondary keywords are the other keywords that back up the page’s main keyword.

Branded keywords. This is the unique keyword for your company. When people use these keywords, Google will direct them to your page if you have optimized for the keyword.

Geo-targeted keywords. If you provide local services, you need these keywords so that your page ranks high among users in your area, city, or country.

Related keywords. These are keywords that contain synonyms of the main keywords or words related or similar to the main ones. For example, the associated keywords for concrete floor coating marketing can be epoxy flooring, concrete covering, and floor coating.

Informational keywords. These are keywords related to information on your website. For instance, epoxy flooring business profit, choosing the best coating contractors, and concrete coating cost, to name a few. These keywords are best used in blog writing or the page’s frequently asked questions.

There are many other keywords to optimize on your page, but you might need the help of an SEO expert to be sure you get everything right.

On-page Optimization

Parts of the on-page optimization are content, use of keywords, title tags, internal links, URLs, and page filing or organization. Starting with the title/header, it is the first thing a visitor sees on your home page, and it tells Google if you are the right page for the user.

Also, organizing your site is essential to make page navigation easier for the user. So, when they need information, there is a folder for that, and when they need to contact you, there is another folder.

Here are some concrete coating SEO strategies:

  • Internal linking to relatable blogs, services, FAQs, and locations.
  • Use Google Business and add your location pages on google maps.
  • Use social icons that direct users to your social media profiles.
  • Linking to authoritative sites like government pages, Wikipedia, and local businesses (not competitors).
  • Use of topical images.

Google Ads

Paid advertisement is one way to attract concrete coating leads, generate revenue, and improve brand awareness. Paid ads direct traffic to your website because when people are in search of your service, your ad will be at the top of the page.

However, just because you are running ads does not mean you will not need to pay attention to your ads’ content. The ads still need to be optimized by the use of relevant keywords.

Here are the main types of ads:

Google Ads: This is the common pay-per-click ad. You will pay for the ads for every page visitation you get through the ads. This ad puts you at the top of search results. However, Google does not check if the user buys; if someone clicks, they will get paid. This might be a disadvantage when people click mistakenly or just to get information.

Google local service ads: This is a pay-per-lead ad that can be better than the pay-per-click. Your ad shows in a paid ad section, meaning only interested prospects will likely click the link. This might not eventually lead to sales, but it has a higher chance of bringing you near prospective customers. This is a good food coating marketing option since it will get you near people who need your service.

Google maps: A good concrete coating strategy for local contractors is to use Google My Business as it is the easiest way to list your business on Google maps. You can create a profile on ‘Google My Business’ for free.

Getting your your website page to rank higher in local maps on Google’s search engine might take some time and require consistent effort, but we’ve been able to rank rather quickly with having more than 10+ years experience. The list above is an excellent way to start. If you are new to this, you might need the guidance of an SEO expert to ensure you are doing it the right way. However, ensure you have the basics in place.



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