5 Marketing Ideas for Your Floor Coating Business

You may have thought that you would not have a lot of competition in the floor coating business when you were just starting out. It’s probably true in local markets. But you shouldn’t be complacent if you want to compete statewide or nationwide. So, what do you need to do to stand out?

Marketing methods designed specifically for your floor coating business get results. Floor coating marketing needs ingenuity to draw your potential clients’ attention. You have to know your customers and cater to their needs.

Here are five marketing ideas for your floor coating business.

Put Emphasis on Client Needs

Since you are publicizing your company, you will need to promote your business successfully. You need to speak to your clients. Think of what your customers might want and the questions they might have.

Highlight Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization is an influential strategy for home and business companies in the technological age. Google saw a 900% increase in “near me” searches in the past two years. This means that consumers are relying on the internet to find local businesses and products.

Local SEO is vital to your business marketing. Start with Google My Business. Claim your business and update your profile. Your GMB listing will help you rank on the local map, which directs local search rankings. Locally-oriented longtail keywords like “Floor Coating in Houston, Texas” will come in handy. Offer links to external websites of other local businesses, sellers, and hardware supplies as well. This is the grassroots method of local digital marketing.

Content Marketing

This is a brilliant way to teach people about floor coating and how it can improve their properties. You can also market your business without it seeming like you’re marketing. One study shows that 60% of clients said a blog influenced them to decide on purchases.

Start a floor coating blog. This can be published on your website. Include photos and videos on your site and social media profiles. Some of your how-to videos might go viral.

Maintain a Great Website

This is the most valuable tool for marketing your floor coating business. This will generate floor coating leads monthly. Here are some needed elements:

Pictures. Since people are visual learners nowadays, they need to see high-quality pictures of your business. Emphasize what you can do for their properties.

Navigation. Your website should not be too complicated to navigate. This might lead them to go to a competitor’s website for their needs. You should have a flat website where guests can access the page they want with a maximum of four clicks.

Quality Copy. The content of your website should be well-written and sales-oriented. Accurate and original information must be present.

Get the Help of a Digital Marketing Agency

They will help you develop a digital marketing plan to quickly grow your flooring business. They will focus on marketing while you concentrate on your day-to-day operations.

Use the power of Floor Coating Marketing’s CORE AI Technology. Our marketing professionals will take your concrete coating business to the next level by gaining market share.