How Can Floor Coating Contractors Benefit from Google My Business

Google My Business for Concrete Coating Contractors

Google is increasingly playing a significant role in how consumers learn about local goods and services. People increasingly rely on it to find the answers to their most pressing queries. It’s possible that you aren’t even aware that Google My Business (GMB) is a free and user-friendly tool that allows businesses and organizations to control their web presence throughout Google. There are many advantages to using Google My Business to improve your floor coating business’s online presence.

Let’s discuss how flooring contractors can benefit from Google My Business.

Google My Business is Cost-Effective

As we’ve already explained, Google My Business is a free directory on the most popular search engines, bringing your floor coating company in front of many potential clients. While there are numerous well-known directories similar to GMB, they often come with a cost, whether a fixed monthly payment or an annual fee. Fortunately, with a free GMB listing, potential customers can easily find your business’s hours, phone number, website, and directions.

In addition, your potential customers can get a close look at your concrete floor coating company by visiting your free GMB profile. Which also provides information on your busiest times and review ratings. Every dollar counts when you’re starting out or on a tight budget, so using such an important and free tool can free up funds for other marketing needs.

Visibility on Google Search & Maps

The prominent position your concrete floor coating business profile might take in search results is one of the major advantages of having it on Google My Business. Google Maps results and the Local “3-pack” area display GMB profiles. The first three listings that appear when you conduct a Google search are normally set aside for Google Adwords adverts, also called “paid search.” After then, you often get a map with three highlighted local results (thus the name “3-pack”). After then, “organic” results will appear.

Your business can tap into potential revenue if your Google My Business profile appears in the Local 3-Pack for search terms and keywords that are vital to your business. In addition, your GMB listing is more economical than the paid advertising that appears at the top of the search results. Because you don’t have to pay for ads for your business to be included in the Local 3-pack.

It Provides a Great First Impression

Having a GMB page shows your potential customers that you’re ready to remain current and modern, giving your online identity a digitally savvy touch. Addressing their digital demands so they can call/connect and request your service.

You can also use Google My Business to add pictures and videos of your floor coating products and completed projects to draw in customers visually. In addition, you’ll be able to inform clients what to expect from your company.

Listed below are a few concepts for image captions that you can post to your GMB listing:

  • Your floor coating facility
  • Your team members or employees
  • Your CEO or managing director
  • Awards and Events
  • Contented clients or client comments

Upload as many photos and videos as possible; the more, the better. The absence of images on your GMB listing is just as noticeable as not having a social network profile picture. Encourage clients to interact with your GMB listing. Your brand is given a face or a meaning by adding a photo.

Provide Feedback

Google My Business allows customers to review businesses, a fantastic option that can be very helpful for your company. Customers greatly like the ability to see that other individuals have used your services and have been able to express how satisfied they were with them. It’s also a terrific tool for letting you know what your clients think of you and whether you need to improve in any areas. For instance, you can contact a consumer and offer a revision if they are dissatisfied with your floor coating service. As a result, customers will have a stronger, more favorable relationship with your company and be more inclined to refer you to their friends.

You Can Find Insights

You can get insights from Google My Business about your customers’ origins and who called your company directly from the phone number displayed in local search results on Maps and Search. Since you now have a better understanding of who your consumers are. How they engage with your business and where to concentrate your marketing campaign to generate the most concrete coating leads. You will gain more from your campaign due to this information. This will be based on information about the regions your typical customers hail from.

Increase in Sales and Traffic

We’ve already highlighted how Google My Business enables you to expand your consumer base for your company. The maintenance of quality in the traffic to local and small businesses’ websites and brand pages tends to be the most prevalent issue these days. Well, the advantages of Google My Business are also in effect here. Your traffic statistics may exceed what you had anticipated if you have Google My Business listings.

Your phone number makes it simple for concrete coating leads that need your service to get in touch with you. They can also discover where you are and other crucial information. Consequently, you can effectively generate the ideal floor coating leads with Google My Business.

Ensures Online Consistency

As your concrete floor coating business grows and changes, you may want to keep your customers educated and informed simultaneously. Get your customers up to speed by updating your GMB pages, such as the company’s phone numbers, websites, addresses, and social media pages. So, if you ever change your number or location, your customers can easily contact you. Searching for your company’s contact information and pulling out all the stops to reach you is one of the major things that can make your customer hate your business.


These are a few of the factors that make Google My Business crucial for floor coating companies. You may use Google My Business to maximize your concrete floor coating business’s online visibility. Ultimately increasing your lead generation and conversion rates in the most lucrative way possible. Create a profile right away.

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