Get More Epoxy Flooring Jobs With Google Business Profile

Google My Business for Concrete Coating Contractors

If you run an epoxy flooring business and are struggling to get epoxy flooring leads, consider marketing your services on Google search to get new clients. In today’s digital world, the search for most services starts online, and that’s where your ideal prospects are. Optimizing your business website for local search results through Google Business Profile will be a good start to outrank the competition and appear on top of the local search results for epoxy flooring services.

Google Business Profile, previously Google My Business, is among the most efficient tools marketers can use for generating epoxy flooring leads for local businesses. It helps them get featured in the Local Finder or Local Pack and increases their chances of being found by more people. If numbers are to be believed, 88% of customers who search for local products and services from mobile end up visiting or calling them within 24 hours. That certainly signifies the importance of setting up your Google Business Profile. It will surely help you secure more epoxy flooring jobs.

What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is a platform or tool that allows businesses to set up their profiles and manage them on Google. It defines how a local business would appear across various Google products, like Search and Maps.

To set up your GBP, you have to provide your business name, category, and location. Upon approval, your Business Profile is published and attached to the provided location. From now on, Google users can find your business in local searches and interact with your profile by adding photos, leaving reviews, etc.

How to Make The Most of GBP to Generate More Leads?

There are many ways you can optimize your Google Business Profile to generate more leads for your epoxy flooring business. Here are a few ideas you’d want to consider.

Identify Your Ideal Flooring Customers

The first thing you should do to get more leads is to identify who your services are tailored for. Identify your ideal customers and target them. Know who they are, where they live, how big their property is, do they have pool decks, etc. When you know your customers, you are better able to target your marketing efforts at them and generate more leads.

Find The Right Keywords

When you know your customers, and what they might be looking for, you can better target them with the right keywords. To capture leads through your GBP listing, you need to rank it for the high-volume keywords that your prospects are likely searching for in Google. For instance, if you provide epoxy floor installation services in Harrisburg, PA, your Google Business Profile should be optimized for keywords like “best epoxy flooring,” “epoxy flooring Harrisburg,” “epoxy flooring services Harrisburg,” etc.

Always compile your list of high search volume keywords that your target customers might be searching for and sprinkle them throughout your Google Business Profile to rank better in Google Maps or Google Search.

Provide Accurate Business Details

There is no point in creating your Google Business Profile if you don’t provide your prospects with the information they need to reach out to you. If you want to generate more epoxy flooring leads with your GBP, make sure your listing features the accurate business name, contact, and location details. Other details like working days, open hours, and service options will help enhance the user experience, and they’ll be more likely to send in their inquiries.

Upload Images Of Your Work

Google Business Profiles that regularly upload images attract significantly more leads than those that don’t. While your past customers can add images to your business profile, you should also upload photographs that show the quality of the work you do. It certainly gives your prospects more confidence, and they’re more likely to contact you as a result.

Besides these optimization tips, you should also ensure that you specify the correct business category and update your business’s local directories regularly to rank your listing better and attract more potential leads. Try to get as many reviews from your past customers as possible to build trust.

How To Set Up Your Google Business Profile?

Now that you understand what Google Business Profile is and how you can use it to generate epoxy flooring leads, let’s take you step-by-step to creating your business profile with Google. You must set up your Google Business Profile properly to get the desired results. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Create a Google Business Account so that you can create your local listing.
  2. Once you have created your new email, go to and hit the ‘Manage now’ button to begin.
  3. Type your business name in the provided space and see if the name exists already. The full business name will appear automatically as you type. If it’s not there, click on ‘Add your business to Google. You can also ‘Request Access’ to manage an account that already exists.
  4. Add your business name accurately, and also select a category that best describes your business.
  5. If your business works from a physical location, select ‘Yes’ and then click ‘Next’. Now, provide your exact and complete business address.
  6. Next, you need to add your business’s accurate contact details, including your phone number and business website.
  7. Select a verification method to verify your business. You can choose from postcard, phone, and email verification options. However, phone and email verification is not available to all businesses.
  8. Specify your accurate hours of business when potential customers can contact or visit you.
  9. Enable messaging if you want to receive inquiries from your customers and prospects and drive your sales further up.
  10. Give a description of your business so that your customers can know what you are offering and how you are a good fit for them.
  11. Add photos and showcase your work in the best way it is possible to help your prospects visualize your offerings.

That’s it! You are all set up! Just make sure you keep optimizing your Google Business Profile with the right keywords and the tips given above. It will certainly help you grab more epoxy flooring leads, and you’ll see your business flourish.