How To Generate Flooring Leads – Our Ultimate Guide

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Are you a concrete floor contractor with expertise in a variety of concrete flooring services tailored for both domestic and commercial customers? Are you struggling with generating new business of late? Even if you’re the industry leader known for offering premier renovations, upgrades, and replacements, there come phases when the business is slow, and you can’t figure out how to get around that. You might also want to implement a thorough marketing strategy to grab more and more clients and see your business grow. Whatever the case, you need to learn how to generate flooring leads and turn them into long-term, returning clients.

You might be the best in the business, but you can’t acquire new clients if your prospects are unable to find you. You have to do your marketing right and generate new leads regularly to survive, regardless of where you are located and for how long you have been serving your community with high-quality flooring services.

Once you are able to generate flooring leads regularly and attract new customers, it will result in securing more high-paying jobs, increased business revenue, and long-term sustainable growth for your business.

So, how do you go about lead generation? Let’s explore!

Establish Your Web Presence

Remember, things have changed a lot since the days when word of mouth and billboards used to be the biggest advertisement media. In today’s digital world, every business needs to ensure they are not only present online but also implement effective marketing strategies to be found by their prospective customers. Once you are there, you have the chance to market yourself and compete for more business, allowing your prospects to find you online.

So, how do you establish your presence on the web?

1. Establish Your Web Presence

Whether you are a new business in the flooring services market or you’re a renowned name, you need a professional business website to grow. It will serve as the online storefront for your flooring business. It will allow your potential customers to learn more about you and the services you offer and get a feel of your service quality and contact you if they think you’re a perfect match for what they need.

Accurately reflecting the quality of flooring services you offer, your business website will be the stepping stone in effective lead generation. It gives your prospects everything they need to know about your business and will allow them to easily contact you if they need your services.

Wondering how to generate flooring leads with a business website? Well, your website lays the foundation for attracting new customers. When properly optimized, it will appear at the top of the SERPs in Google for relevant flooring services searches. But if it’s not there, you’ll lose a major chunk of your prospects.

2. Be There On Social Platforms

Besides having your business website, your existence on popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook is also crucial to maintaining an effective web presence. Social media is where everyone socializes in today’s tech-forward world, and that’s where most businesses engage with their prospects to keep them in the loop and grab every opportunity of generating new business.

On your social business pages, you can share information that interests your prospects, help them learn more about different types of flooring, keep them updated with the latest trends, and also subtly advertise your services. The more your prospects will engage with you on social, the more leads you’ll be able to grab. It can be a cost-effective marketing technique if you work out the right strategy and target the right audience.

Use Modern Techniques To Market Your Business And Generate Leads

Once you have established your presence on the web, it’s time you learn how to generate flooring leads using modern-day digital marketing techniques along with traditional ways to reach out to your prospects. Here we have listed some effective marketing techniques and ideas to help you generate high-quality flooring leads. Let’s start learning!

1. Generate Leads With PPC and Search Engine Marketing

When done right, SEM and PPC campaigns are proven tactics to generate high-quality flooring leads that you can easily convert into satisfied customers moving forward. While most businesses choose Google for such paid advertising campaigns, you shouldn’t ignore other popular search engines like Bing. Stats show that visitors who land on your website through SEM or PPC are 50% more likely to buy from you than those who come to you from other channels.

PPC campaigns serve your adverts on targeted publisher websites where your prospects are likely to be. It’s a cost-effective marketing model where you only pay when your ad is clicked. SEM ads, on the other hand, appear in SERPs when users search for your targeted keywords. In this model, you have to bid to secure the top spot in the search results. The higher the bid, the greater your chances to outrank your competitors and steer your prospects to your landing pages.

Remember, however, that you need to target the right keywords to get the desired results from your ad campaigns. If you fail to do that, you’ll only be increasing your marketing expenditure without getting quality leads or conversions.

2. Get Flooring Leads Through Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization hasn’t gone irrelevant even today. In fact, it’s got even better with local SEO making its way into the digital marketing arena. As a flooring business, you should optimize your website for local search results so that you can outrank your competitors when they search for your targeted keywords. If you can apply a robust local SEO strategy, it will alone be sufficient for generating a significant number of qualified flooring leads for your business.

Set up Google My Business for your flooring company, create a robust landing page to generate leads, and then rely on strategies like content marketing and backlinking to bring prospects to your website. The first step is to generate leads, and you can then gradually take them down the funnel to convert.

3. Choose The Keywords Wisely

Whether you are doing SEO or launching PPC and SEM campaigns, the keywords you target play an important role in driving the desired results. If you choose the right keywords, you’ll be targeting a very specific group of audiences, and they will be interested in your offering more than anyone else. In fact, it’s highly likely for them to convert at a later stage.

So, what type of keywords should you be targeting? A simple answer would be long-tail keywords. If you consider targeting short-tail keywords like “flooring company” or simply “flooring”, these generic searches don’t really offer too many insights into the user intent. The audience, in this case, will be broad, the competition will be very high, and the chances for conversion will be minimal.

On the contrary, long-tail keywords are much more specific and give you a clear idea of what the user might be searching for. Targeting these keywords will automatically filter your audience significantly as they more specifically describe what the users are looking for. A couple of examples of long-tail keywords would be “flooring company in Miami, FL” and “concrete flooring companies near me”.

4. Start a Blog

It is always great for flooring businesses to have professional, well-designed websites, but if you are not using SEO to its full potential, you are likely missing out on a large number of qualified flooring leads. One way to maximize the results from your SEO efforts and boost traffic to your website is to start a blog. Target high-volume keywords on your blog and try to rank on top of the SERPs for those keywords so that you can generate more traffic to your website.

Besides sharing original, authentic content on topics that your target audience might be interested in, you can get creative and have your prospects signup for your services. When your customers get information and services in a single place, they’ll be likely to spend more time on your website and will eventually make a transaction. It could be sharing their information with you or even making a purchase directly.

5. Run Social Media Ad Campaigns

Earlier, we talked about establishing your presence on popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Once you have a large following on your social handles, you can always leverage that to generate flooring leads for your business. Run targeted campaigns and social media ads to reach out to the maximum potential customers, share your success stories and customer testimonials, and portray your work in the best way possible on your social pages to attract more and more new customers. Social platforms even allow flooring contractors to target their ideal customers by location, interests, demographics, and more.

You can always benefit from serving your ads to these targeted groups of audiences as it will boost awareness, and people will know what your flooring company does. When they continuously see your branding and ads, it is more likely for them to contact you when they are looking for similar services.

6. Email Marketing For Lead Generation

Flooring companies have been successfully using email marketing for lead generation for decades. It’s one of the oldest digital marketing techniques, and it’s still relevant even today. Stats show that businesses that identify their ideal prospects and stay in touch with them through email end up generating 50% more leads that are sales-ready. They also spend 33% less on their marketing budget compared to other lead generation methods.

As most flooring companies overlook email marketing and fail to reap its benefits, it’s a perfect choice for flooring lead generation. You’ll be likely to reach out to prospects who are not targeted by anyone else. So, it can be an effective tactic for generating flooring leads.

7. Create a Project Catalog on YouTube

The popular video-sharing platform YouTube has immense potential, and you can even use it to your advantage for flooring leads generation. It is always a great idea to showcase your work in a professional manner through creatively created YouTube videos. In these videos, you can portray your best work on the most challenging projects through attractive animations and other useful tools. Your Youtube videos can also share helpful information related to flooring projects and signs one might need their flooring redone. In fact, the ideas can be so diverse and attract a wide audience.

You can also share your contact information at the end of these videos and encourage your viewers to get in touch if they have any queries or need any concrete flooring services. As a result, you’ll get more qualified leads that you can later convert into customers.

Hire The Services of a Lead Generation Company

If you are not an expert and have little knowledge about how to generate flooring leads, it’s always a better idea to hire industry experts to do the job for you. It’s their job, and they do it day and night for their customers and have a close understanding of how lead generation works for the flooring market. It will also allow you to focus on your core competencies and let the experts do what they are best at.

All you need to do is to hire a professional lead generation company, tell them where your company operates and what types of leads you are interested in, share your budget for each qualified lead, and they’ll get you the exclusive flooring leads. It’s that simple. Just sit back now and track how much you have earned from your investment.


Generating qualified leads regularly is essential for sustainable business growth. There can be different ideas you might want to incorporate into your flooring services marketing plan to reach out to a targeted group of people who would be the most interested in buying from you. Implement a few of those and start generating more leads and converting more customers to see your revenues go skyrocketing. Not interested in doing the lead generation on your own? Save yourself time and hassle by hiring the best lead generation services, and see your business grow quicker than ever.